Welcome!  Come closer and pump up the volume!

My name is Alexandra and I am your tour guide for Timișoara. I speak English, Spanish, some Catalan, I am thorough and an eager learner (I have more diplomas than the Pope has hats, among which those of sworn English and Spanish translator, tour guide and tour manager, a Master's degree in Immigration and Intercultural Education issued by the University of Barcelona), I am an experienced guide and I love my town.

As a keen traveller and foreign languages speaker, I now work as a self-employed translator, interpreter, licensed national tour guide and touristic consultant for travel agencies.

I became a tour guide out of conviction; my countless journeys through places and towns whose architecture and people I fell in love with, made me want to give Timișoara to the world. And I do. And when I do it, I put my mind and my soul into it. Romania is not only Dracula, but so much more.