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The magical 7 – Part 2 of several sleepless nights

In category Updates in Timişoara on January 12, 2018
No.2.Next on my non-ordinary routine comes the almost daily waving from the balcony of the Opera House: the police man in charge of watching over the safety of citizens passing through Victory Square with his binoculars. This always makes me grin as it reminds me of the 1986 version of the movie “The Fly”. You might say that we are 30 years behind you, but would video cameras wave to you and greet you from above? :D No, they would not. Note: I’ve never actually seen this man’s face, but, nonetheless, Mr.Police Man, thanks for making me feel safe! (this bit of text was written about 3 years ago, “the fly has since left its position”, but will forever be remembered haha).

No.3. Next come (not necessarily in this order) the old gentlemen and ladies who stop by whenever they see and hear me explaining things in languages they do not always understand, with their inquisitive faces and look. Some eventually leave without saying a word, others do the most wonderful thing: STARE until I burst out into laughter. They bring a whole new Timisoara before me and my guests’ eyes, through stories from times long before I was even born, facts or legends, which enrich my own speech and add value to your experience. The locals of Timisoara are not yet used to tourists and many don’t know there is such a thing as city tours taking place in town, so whenever they see tourists they mean to help and contribute to them feeling informed and welcome. To all of them I say “chapeau!”