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Sherlock Tours - Your Genealogy Quest in Banat

In category Updates in Timişoara on September 28, 2015
Hello dear reader, nice to meet you again on the blog! After a long, busy summer (much like any summer of mine, actually), filled with new challenges, here I am again.
Most of you may know me by now as Timisoara Tour Guide or the Girl with the Red Umbrella. I don't really care about formalities. I do happily provide guided tours for corporate clients, for the restless travelers and for any guest of the city I live in.
If you have already tried and enjoyed my tours, then you know that I am all about getting to know a city by tackling its essentials: geography, architecture, history, urban culture and legends, cuisine, entertainment and everything in between. As I've had the chance to find out since last year, many of you are highly interested in history- especially personal history and genealogy. Luckily, so am I. :)
The time has come to introduce you to the dearest of my projects- the Sherlock Tours.

What is a Sherlock Tour?
Elementary question, dear readers.
For me it is a detective's work combined with my clients' expectations of finding relatives, places, pieces of the past- and putting them together. A project to which I am highly dedicated, and which I provide in the western part of the country where most of my activity takes place, i.e. the area of Banat. It all started the day when Ronald (living in the US), one of my clients, contacted me and asked me to help find his family house and identify his grandfather's grave in the Jewish cemetery. And I gladly accepted.

Who needs a Sherlock Tour?
Did any of your ancestors leave the Austro-Hungarian Empire (now Banat and Transylvania, in Romania) a long time ago in the pursuit of hapiness...and land? Do you want to get to know them better and to get closer to them? Now you can discover your lost or unknown origins, your ancestors' birthplace, the place where they lived, interesting chapters of their lives and - if you are really lucky, even some living relatives.
Dedicated especially to those who want to reconnect with their family past, the Sherlock Tours are my way of bringing past and present together, with a thorough detective work from my side and a lot of emotional participation from yours.

What do I do?
From receiving your request to actually go up there and dig up every possible piece of information, I do most of the detective work. In just a few days, you can enjoy a page of history unfolding before your eyes (or more pages, depending on how many records we have to check in order to find your beloved ancestors). Yes, you are invited to step in and become a private eye yourself.
So reach out and bring a new challenge to the table, it’s puzzle solving time! More details here:
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