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Getting ready for Timișoara: what to watch / read

In category Updates in Timişoara on January 6, 2017
Upon request, I have also put together a list of materials that you may find useful prior to your arrival or after having visited us and taken a tour. Let's call it a little visual aid mostly.
Where available, I have included the English and Spanish titles.

On communism:
Tales from the Golden Age (2009); Cuentos de la época de oro (Ro: Amintiri din epoca de aur)
Silent wedding (2008); Boda muda (Ro: Nunta muta)
4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days (2007); 4 meses, 3 semanas y 2 días  (Ro: 4 luni.3 saptamani.2 zile)

On history and legends:
Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) – director Francis Ford Coppola – probably the best screening of the book
Dracula (1931, black and white) – featuring Bela Lugosi (born close to Timisoara), first actor to ever play Dracula.
Closer to the Moon (2014) – beautiful movie on the second world war in Romania and Jews, drama, romance, comedy, all in one

On genealogy:
Start Anew World (2014) (Ro: O lume nouă)

Documentary films:
Chuck Norris vs.Communism (2015) (available in Romanian and German):
(On the magic of film and the power it had to change lives during the communist era)
Pasaport de Germania (2014) in Romanian and German (En:Passport to Germany):
(On the agreement between the Romanian Communist Government and the Gov.of the Federal Rep.of Germany to sell/buy the German ethnics living in Romania)
Children of the Decree (2005) in English (Ro: Decreteii):                                            
(On the decree that outlawed abortion during communism)

Books (Genealogy):
Jacob decides to love (RO: Iacob se hotaraste sa iubeasca) by Catalin Dorian Florescu
Books by Herta Müller (Nobel Prize Winner for Literature, German ethnic from Banat)

Traditional Banat music (in Romanian) - contemporary singers:
Nicu Novac
Nicoleta Voica

*The list may be improved, so feel free to contribute. Write to me at
P.S. Nothing beats watching a Romanian comedy in a traditional countryside barn. Check out my day trip to Stanciova for more info: